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SA voted most popular ‘post-COVID destination escape’

by InnsCape

South Africa nabbed top spot when booking company Tourlane asked its community where their perfect post-coronavirus trip destination would be.

South Africa was followed by New Zealand and Canada, with our neighbour to the north, Namibia, taking 5th place.

The survey was sent out by the company via its newsletter and social media networks. Those voting were largely from Europe and over 600 people participated.

Considering that those surveyed said their top destination types included outdoor adventures, safaris and beaches, it is no surprise South Africa took the top spot. Well-known as the go-to safari destination, packed with outdoor adventures and applauded for pristine, well-kept beaches, South Africa is always a winner.

Canada and New Zealand are also top adventure spots, so it is also no big shock that they were following close behind South Africa.

Unsurprisingly, after many weeks of confinement indoors, an escape to the great outdoors is what travellers want the most. The second most-popular coveted trip type by travellers right now is a safari vacation,’ said the company on its site.

Travellers also said they would mostly like to travel in 2021, or as soon as they are allowed, and most wanted to travel with their partner.

Originally published on Getaway – https://bit.ly/2Uaiwc4

Photo by Arthur Brognoli from Pexels

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