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Inauguration of ‘Made in the Cape Market’ Showcases Local Exporters in Cape Town

by InnsCape

The Western Cape Tourism, Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Wesgro) recently introduced a distinctive retail exhibit called the “Made in the Cape Market.” This market, unveiled at the iconic V&A Waterfront, takes centre stage in promoting the diverse offerings of 45 local exporters, highlighting the region’s rich entrepreneurial talent.

The Made in the Cape Market serves as a vital platform aimed at boosting visibility and market support for local exporters, and it distinguishes itself through a multimedia approach that combines audio, visual, and tactile elements. Furthermore, it incorporates augmented reality to narrate the captivating stories behind the Cape’s various products.

Wesgro, the agency spearheading this initiative, underlined its commitment to assisting provincial exporters in gaining prominence in high-traffic areas. These premium products are meticulously curated from a selection of exporters found on www.capetradeportal.com.

Speaking at the launch event, Wesgro CEO Wrenelle Stander underscored the market’s significance in uniting sustainably crafted “Made in the Cape” products from the five diverse regions of the Western Cape. Stander stated, “Trade innovation remains a key focal point for Wesgro. Exporters registered on the portal are reaping the rewards of a multi-year effort. Following the resounding success of highly targeted digital campaigns in key source markets, including the UK and the US, this market serves as a pivotal component of our domestic consumer awareness strategy and our efforts to onboard new exporters.”

Jean Scheltema, Wesgro’s Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer, explained how they offer shoppers an immersive experience through intricately designed miniature stage sets. These sets provide a glimpse into the craftsmanship, the artisans behind the products, and the geographical significance of each item. She elaborated, “At each stage, prompts encourage visitors to take out their mobile phones and scan the stage sets, where captivating stories are brought to life through augmented reality, reinforcing that if it comes from the Cape, you can expect quality and sustainability.”

James Vos, Economic Growth Mayco Member for the City of Cape Town, emphasized the local government’s dedication to nurturing a more resilient and inclusive economy. “Increasing brand awareness of our local exporters, both internationally and domestically, is key in our quest to fulfil this commitment. We welcome the efforts of the Made in the Cape Market,” he expressed.

The market’s location, positioned outside H&M and Havaianas stores, offers a unique showcase of products sourced from some of the most remote regions within the province.

Mireille Wenger, Western Cape Finance and Economic Opportunities MEC stressed the region’s ambitious goals, stating, “We are on a mission to enable a R1 trillion, jobs-rich, inclusive, and thriving provincial economy. This means striving for a growth rate of 4 to 6 percent in real terms. A key priority in this strategy is driving the expansion of proudly Western Cape exports. Our research indicates that a 10% increase in exports can generate an estimated additional R6 billion for the Western Cape Gross Domestic Product, leading to the creation of numerous jobs in the province.”

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