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St George’s Market Makes a Comeback with Fresh Look and New Traders

by InnsCape

After a four-year hiatus, the much-anticipated return of St George’s Market is set to grace Cape Town this upcoming Thursday.

Nestled within Cape Town’s urban core and situated on St George’s Mall, between the intersections of Wale and Church Street, St George’s Market, affectionately known as St G’s Market, is poised for a revival. Having previously operated for a span of seven years until 2019, the market is returning with a rejuvenated appearance accompanied by a cadre of fresh vendors.

The inception of the market drew inspiration from its strategic location, as St George’s Mall enjoys a reputation as the beating heart of Cape Town. Notably, it holds the distinction of being the first pedestrianized street, a transformation that took place in 1990, solidifying its status as a hub for commerce.

A notable shift lies in the market’s ownership and management, now being overseen by local residents residing within the central business district.

The contemporary iteration of the market serves as a communal haven, fostering interactions, indulgence, and the exchange of ideas. Enthusiasts of delectable meals and delightful snacks will be pleased to explore an array of stalls celebrating distinct, homemade South African gastronomy alongside international favourites.

Key Event Information:

  • Date: Commencing Thursday, 31 August, and continuing every subsequent Thursday
  • Time: From 11 am to 3 pm
  • Venue: Located at 138 St George’s Mall, positioned between Wale and Church Street
  • Contact: 082 615 6005 or via email at hello@stgsmarket.com

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