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Cape Town Voted The Best City In The World To Visit

by InnsCape

South Africa has emerged as the top country in the 2023 Telegraph Travel Awards, dethroning the long-standing favourite, New Zealand. These prestigious awards, which have been recognizing excellence in travel destinations since 1998, rely on the votes of well-travelled readers of the renowned UK newspaper, with nearly 30,000 participants.

Among the other countries that secured spots in the top 10 list were the Maldives, Japan, Italy, and India. Notably, Kenya and Botswana, both African nations famous for their safari experiences, also made the cut at seventh and tenth place, respectively.

While South Africa had previously been a runner-up in the poll in 2018 and 2019, it faced a delay due to the global pandemic. However, with the recent resurgence of the desire to travel and a growing interest in exploring lesser-known corners of the world, South Africa has emerged as the perfect destination.

The Telegraph described South Africa as “a place of true beauty,” highlighting the convenience of flights from the UK and the absence of jet lag as added advantages. Once travelers arrive, they can immerse themselves in the diverse range of attractions that cater to every type of adventurer:

  1. The Garden Route, renowned as a “ribbon of road-trip nirvana.”
  2. The Kruger National Park, offering an exhilarating wildlife experience.
  3. The Drakensberg and Mpumalanga regions, boasting breathtaking landscapes.
  4. The Winelands, known for their meticulously crafted vintages.
  5. Cape Town, often referred to as the “supermodel at the foot of Table Mountain.”

Speaking of Cape Town, the city has retained its status as the Best City in the World to Visit, as well as having the Best City Beaches. The Telegraph Travel Awards have consistently ranked Cape Town at the top for eight consecutive years since 2013, excluding the years affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The allure of Cape Town lies in its diverse offerings, described by the survey as “a remarkable city gleaming at a continent’s edge.” From its picturesque location at the base of an iconic mountain to its stunning beaches and captivating landscapes in the Peninsula and Winelands, Cape Town provides a range of delights for visitors.

The Telegraph also cited additional reasons why Cape Town continues to capture hearts: the favorable exchange rate, the presence of Michelin-standard restaurants, and the opportunity to enjoy five-star accommodations with breathtaking views at a fraction of the cost. Moreover, visitors can relish the extended summer days and explore the city’s proximity to an impressive 26 wine districts.

Cape Town proudly claims the title of the greatest city on earth, and it undoubtedly offers an experience that lingers in the memories of all who visit.

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