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Travel between Germany and SA just got easier

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Mango Airlines and the Lufthansa Group have partnered together to introduce an interline agreement that makes travel much easier for passengers. Travellers will now be able to book one through-tickets for the two airlines, reports Tourism Update.

This will make travelling between Germany and South Africa a lot more simple. Speaking to Tourism Update, Mango said it was ‘working on creating interline agreements with other international carriers.’

Mango adopted a number of routes at the end of 2017. These were formerly flown by Mango’s parent company, South African Airways (SAA).

Tourism Update reports that this meant passengers had less options to connect to certain places, such as George, Port Elizabeth and Durban, as the low-cost airline didn’t have the interline agreements with large international carriers that SAA had.

According to Tourism Update, passengers flying on Lufthansa will now be able to connect from Johannesburg to Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and George on Mango services.

Travellers flying to or from Cape Town International Airport can also use Mango to connect to Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Durban.

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