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Water-based activities in Cape Town to beat the heat

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Temperatures in the 30s, constant sweating and a serious lust for life? It’s Cape Town summer! To keep yourself cool and sane, here are water-based activities you can do to beat the heat:


A fabulous way of putting your body to work while keeping it regulated in the cool Atlantic temperatures, kayaking is the way to go.

Exploring one of Cape Town’s most iconic shorelines with Kayak Adventures, you can take in the seal sanctuary, a variety of marine life and Chapman’s Peak from shore. The beautiful blue waters and breathtaking views await you.

Picture: Kayak Adventures


Stand-up paddle boarding (supping) is a great way to cool off while taking in views of the city. Offering you a different perspective, SUP Cape Town gives you the chance to paddle with gorgeous views of the Waterfront in sight.

Made for people of all ages and abilities, this needs to be on your to-do list!

Picture: Sup Cape Town

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving gives you a chance to escape the heat and tick something off of your bucket list at the same time. Into The Blue Scuba Dive Centre, conveniently located in Sea Point, is an accessible and well-run spot to start from.

With a range of courses from beginner to advanced, anyone can join in for this fun activity!

Picture: PADI

Snorkelling with seals

Snorkelling is the perfect way to be active in the ocean while getting a chance for some good old cold water immersion (it is Cape Town water, after all). And, add the ocean’s puppies to the mix!

Although seals should not be disturbed, Cape Town Bucket List Ocean Adventures gives you a chance to respectfully witness their beauty up close and learn a bit about our oceans.

Picture: Cape Town Bucket List

Water skiing

Blue Rock: Cable Water Ski Resort in Somerset West is the perfect spot for adventures in the heat. This one-stop shop includes wakeboarding, kneeboarding and waterskiing – just a few of the fun activities on offer at the resort.

Don’t forget to try out the adrenaline-filled 400m-long zipline that sends you sailing over rocks and land, ending with a huge splash in the cool water.

Picture: Blue Rock

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