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Cape Town’s chic new hotel, the Onyx, has just opened

by InnsCape

Cape Town as a central business district is more than cosmopolitan. Sure, it’s too small to compare to the metropolis that is New York down to the wire – but on many levels it has that Gotham-like hankering, mixed together with a rather unique SA appeal.

Like New York, there are shady spots where you should certainly be on the alert and not too flash (think central Cape Town Station at midnight) and then you have Bree street that buzzes with a party vibe almost all week through. And of course, First Thursdays are a roaring success in ensuring the business district transforms into a living hub of mixed-use space, overflowing with arts, culture and lots of good food and wine.

For New Yorkers, the idea of mix-used buildings is of course more the norm, yet in South Africa’s darling tourist and events capital, the newly opened Onxy is bringing the concept to the Mother City with sophisticated gusto.  While the city centre itself is in the middle of major developments, underway for a number of years and expected to continue for a couple more, the newest edition is lux and sophisticated.

To be honest, I have a colleague who has just moved in there, as the place officially opened on 1 December – and our entire office is nothing short of lime-green with envy of the new lifestyle he gets to adopt. Daily.

Traffic? What traffic!? He’s so close to work, he doesn’t even have to Uber anymore. This does mean his Uber VIP status will suffer a slow death. Oh dear.

A 10-minute stroll and he’s smack-bang at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront’s new Battery Park. A short canal-boat ride and the waterfront wonderland with all its entertainment and exceptional restaurants are his for the taking. Urgh. Seriously.

Who even lives like this? Permanently.

He now quite literally gets to call the Onyx home, with its chic marbled foyer and reception. A delightful bistro-bakery MRKT at his beck and call for on the go meals to left and a 4th floor communal entertainment bar, spar and gym via the lifts to the right.

If he wasn’t so good at Instagram, I’d unfollowed him already, because it would seriously all get too much for suburbia-bound me. Add to that he’s so oblivious, humble and unimposing about how lucky he is to live there – making it even harder to stay miffed about the whole thing.

The Newmark Onyx Hotel has just opened in Cape Tow
The Newmark Onyx Hotel has just opened in Cape Tow

But’s that the long-stay side of the Onyx hotel, managed by Newmark Hotels, Residences, Reserves & Lodges – which also makes available to visitors 102 surprisingly affordable apartment-styled, self-catering suites for short stays.

I say surprising affordable, considering studios starts at R2.5m to buy, with the hotel currently running a per night rate of R950, including breakfast. This rate is only available until 14 December. Thereafter the rate will be about R2 125 per night – which is still competitive in comparison to the location – adding into the mix the facilities on offer as well as its proximity to Cape Town’s iconic attractions.

And first impressions are lasting for a reason. 

The exterior is unlike anything in the city, with its captivating curves and white aluminium-clad balconies that contrasted with the slick black surfaces that pay homage to its namesake, onyx – a black sapphire if you will.

As I mentioned, it is juxtaposed across from our office building and the massive Media24 digital screen (hard to miss when in the city, if you don’t know what I’m talking about) but also the heavy drapes in your hotel room make dark work of it quite easily, so you have nothing to worry about.

Formerly used by the Nedbank group, the building has been transformed under the creative guidance of one of Cape Town’s leading architects, Robert Silke, together with luxury property development company, Signatura.

It’s interiors have also been styled by local interior decorator, Francois du Plessis. Newmark have also ensured that the finishes are modern and sophisticated, with top-notch kitchen inclusions form the fridges to the pots and pans – allowing for easy in-room dining. The trendy restaurant, MRKT, which operates independently next to the foyer of the hotel will also services guests with on-the-go meals, as an adaption to the usual room-service offering.

Expect fresh, delicious breads and pastries made daily with wholesome ingredients and harvest-inspired buffet offerings for lunch. They have their own barista station and the coffee is good, with a bakery and deli section also open to the public. Furthermore, an Asian-style restaurant and sake bar will be opening early in 2019.

The Newmark Onyx Hotel has just opened in Cape Tow
The Newmark Onyx Hotel has just opened in Cape Tow
The Newmark Onyx Hotel has just opened in Cape Tow

However, I expect it will be the fourth floor that will be a huge drawcard this summer – complete with bar, a lounge and relaxation area, top-class gym facilities, an indoor-outdoor swimming pool with views of Cape Town and Table Mountain second to none – making for stunning sunset drinks.

Okay, maybe knowing somebody who lives there isn’t such a bad thing after all.

Take advantage of their current opening rate of R950 – available until 14 December.

Thereafter, standard rates start from:

Studio Apartment:

  • R2 125.00 Bed & Breakfast
  • R1 975.00 Room Only

1 Bedroom Apartment:

  • R2 445.00 Bed & Breakfast
  • R2 295.00 Room Only

2 Bedroom Apartment:

  • R3 910.00 Bed & Breakfast
  • R3 610.00 Room Only 

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