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Killer whales surround great white in Cape waters

by InnsCape

A tour group was surprised by a particularly unique experience just off Seal Island, where a pod of killer whales was spotted hunting down a great white shark.

Rare footage of a tense clash between one of the greatest predators of the deep and one of the best hunters of the ocean has locals stunned. The small pod of killer whales was seen cooperating to bring down a huge great white shark just of the coast of Cape Town.

Guests aboard a tour boat, that left from Knysna and sailed towards Cape Town’s Seal Island in late January, got to watch the show with one man catching it all on film. Donavan Smith was able to get an amazing video of the experience and can be heard saying, “This is amazing. This is special stuff. There’s a big great white here in the water. They come and they hunt great whites”.

The video shows a number of killer whales circling the area near the boat in search of a shark and many squeals of surprise and delight can be heard as the tour group witnesses the majestic mammals in action.

For a short while the waters become still again before the light grey “monster” great white shark can be seen as he attempts to escape the hunt, and is pursued by the killer whales.

Smith can be heard saying, “It’s a shark they are hunting, they actually bite the tails off from the back,” before the shark is seen disappearing into the deep. It is unclear what the fate of the shark is.

Killers whales have a reputation in the Cape as they have been blamed for the absence of great whites in the False Bay area. Pods of killer whales are known to hunt sharks, with those living in Cape waters becoming notorious for their predatory behaviour.

What the amazing video below:

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